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venerdì 27 aprile 2018

The Pit Tips

Alberto Calorosi

Leprous - The congregation
James and the Butcher - Plastic fantastic
Tori Amos - Native invader

Francesco Scarci

Deadly Carnage - Through the Void, Above The Suns
Opium Eater - Ennui
Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors - Anhedonia

Alain González Artola

Hantaoma - Malamórt
Encircling Sea - Hearken
Necrophobic - Mark of the Necrogram


Gorgoroth - Instinctus Bestalis
Inverted Serenity - As Spectres Wither
AERA - Rite of Odin

Michele Montanari

Sleep - The Sciences
La Morte Viene dallo Spazio - Zombies of the Stratosphere
Infection Code - Dissenso

Matteo Baldi

God Is An Astronaut - Epitaph
Sleep - The Sciences
A Perfect Circle - Eat The Elephant