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giovedì 21 gennaio 2016

Nidsang - Into the Womb of Dissolving Flames

#FOR FANS OF: Black Metal, Enthroned, Marduk, Dark Fortress
The second full-length from these Swedish black metallers is yet another strong band that utilizes the classic mold to great effect throughout here. This is for the most part simply traditional-styled black metal based on the ever-present swirling tremolo riffing offering plenty of dark atmospherics that are perfectly in line with their Norwegian brethren, compiling a strong series of riffs here that take full advantage of this style. Capable of landing either mid-tempo or lightning-fast tempos with ridiculous ease, the overwhelming up-tempo assaults here make for a much better attack as these tremolo-based riffs come off with a greater sense of urgency packed into tight, frenetic pockets that gel together quite comfortably with the restrained-yet-still-energetic work elsewhere in here while also being more than suitable for the droning melodic riffing also present. Adapting those restrained, mid-tempo sections more as mid-round breathers where the tremolo-picked riffs slow into a more spacious sprawl offers another wholly competent area of attack here alongside the more charging, blasting drumming that maintains an appropriately dark and chilling attack. Sure, it’s another cog in an ever-growing number of second-wave worshipping acts without much originality, but the urgency and infectious riffing here trumps that handily and almost makes it a non-factor here as the tracks are that enjoyable and compelling. Intro ‘Black Void Revelations’ features a lengthy soundtrack collage of scraping metal and distorted effects leading into a swirling tremolo riff with blasting drumming bouncing along with the frenzied up-tempo rhythms and buzzing riff-work through scorching tempo changes as the dark rhythms continue on through the melodic final half for a spectacular opening assault. ‘The Gathering Shadows’ opens with blasting drumming and utterly chaotic tremolo riffing at a truly frenzied pace that keeps this blasting along quite nicely with a few scant melodic breaks before delving back into the frenzied patterns and stylish tremolo rhythms that augment the blazing drum-work in the finale for another stand-out effort. The unrelenting ‘The Burning Beyond’ uses a droning mid-tempo rhythm and clanging drumming that soon blasts into frenzied and furious tempos with tight, frenetic tremolo riff-work buzzing through scorching fast tempos with plenty bombastic riffing and full-on blasting drumming taking this through the more melodic and mid-tempo final half for one of the album’s best efforts. The twisting ‘Layil’ uses a more restrained and melodic tempo with stylish tremolo rhythms and furious drumming that meshes nicely with the plodding pace that rarely kicks into higher tempos until the furious, frenzied riffing buzzing through the tremolo rhythms alongside the blasting drumming into the more melodic finale for a scattershot but still enjoyable effort. ‘Veneration of the Fiery Blood’ offers a full-throttle series of scorching tremolo patterns and frenzied, chaotic rhythms bursting through blistering paces with the odd melodic interlude to offset the frantic rhythms and charging mid-tempo work that slowly fades into a droning fadeout final half for what is still a blistering, chaotic blast of a track. ‘Eschatonic Catharsis’ features a slow-building droning riff and plodding drumming within a lethargic pace before firing through the blasting drumming and frenetic riff-work that picks up the speed considerably as the melodic patterns gives way to the relentless energy throughout the furious rhythms in the finale for another strong stand-out offering. Album closer ‘Abysmal Origins’ blasts forth with a ravenous tremolo riff with pounding, savage blasting drum-work at a furious tempo with the slow-down section offering an extended melodic break with sprawling riff-work carrying through the enlarged segments into a twisting solo section as the scalding tremolo riffs back the relentless energy throughout the final half for an utterly walloping finish overall. It may play a little too much like others, but there’s so much to like here that the familiarity is more than welcoming. (Don Anelli)

(Pulverised Records - 2014)
Score: 85