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giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

Riul Doamnei - Fatima - English

#FOR FANS OF: Symph Black, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth
If Cradle of Filth had the miraculous growth of Riul Doamnei during these last years, they would have probably sold hundreds of millions of records until today, perhaps even as Michael Jackson. But instead the progression of the British band has been very gradual, but they were lucky enough to be always closely linked to the typical screaming of Dani Filth, which has so far also influenced the vocal performance of "Cardinal" Federico DB, vocalist of the Italian band that I am here to review today. This entire intricate preamble was to tell you that in the meantime, the singer of the Veronese ensemble is shockingly improved since the days of "Apocryphal", distancing largely from the "old" Dani, and with him the overall performance of the other members of the band. Certain accomplice is the experience gained by touring with monsters of the caliber of Rotting Christ, Krisiun, Decapitated, Vader and other extraordinary realities of extreme metal, but the Riul Doamnei, with this new job can have their saying in the field of symphonic black, next to the already mentioned Suffolk and the band of Norwegian Dimmu Borgir, perhaps the reality which extends more the five-pieces of Fede and Associates. A really ambitious work this of the Riul which presents us the new controversial concept of the album based on the figure of the Virgin Mary: twelve pieces for a total duration of nearly an hour, an hour full of dense emotions, related to fierce raids in black territories, from the harsh vocals of Fede, to the majestic orchestrations of "Bishop" Giorgio M. and to the symphonic chorus Therion like. Starting from the enigmatic opening track, "13th Oct. 1917, Miracle and Apocalypse," which commemorates the Miracolo del Sole by Fatima, in which a substantial number of people claimed to have seen the solar disk change color, size and position for about ten minutes, we are immediately overwhelmed by their extreme music. The release, which revolves around the events related to Marian apparitions brings out, one after the other, excellent tracks, which shows the class of the five "servants of evil." Going back to what has been done in previous work, the Riul continue to develop their own sound, enriching it with phenomenal arrangements of explicit derivation of Dimmu Borgir (period "Death Cult Armageddon"), and for this reason a big applaud goes to the talented Giorgio and a special mention as well to the deserter drummer "Friar" Enrico P., who at the end of the recordings has left the band after eleven years of militancy. It will be hard to replace him with another drummer of equal value. But back to the music, which is overflowed with sublime melodies, epic black cavalcades, screaming of great value and exceptional chorus (beautiful "Bestiary of Christ" and "Sodom Convention"). A brief interlude, and we arrive at "Stigmatized Under Marian Grace", a song that reveals once again their destructive "dangerousness” and that shows the goodness of the songwriting (much improved from the first chapter) and also a new vein as regards the solo (finally) of the capable "Deacon" Maurizio S, although this is not the episode where it is most appreciated. The military beginning of the "Of Misery And The Final Hope" (song in which also appears Sakis of Rotting Christ as a guest vocalist) shows how the Riul have improved even if the speed is not well supported and there is space for large quantities of melody and eerie female vocals with the guitars which in this case seem to refer to the Swedish Death of Dark Tranquillity. Yes, I feel, the desire to progress and not stagnate is there, is strong and Riul are constantly searching for truth as the famous "Warriors of Light" by Coelho. The search of Riul continues until the final "The Fourth Daughter," which speaks about the fourth daughter of Muhammad, Fatima precisely, then finishing by weaving the Christian iconography with that of the Islamic religion, in what is probably the fourth secret, in a song with clear Arabian implications, which closes in an intriguing, fascinating mode and that predicts nothing positive, of what could be the clash between Christianity and Islam. Excellent return! (Francesco Scarci - Translation Sofia Lazani)

(Axiis Music)
Rate: 85