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domenica 24 aprile 2016

The Pit Tips

Emanuele "Norum" Marchesoni

Funeral - In Fields of Pestilent Grief
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Persona - Elusive Reflections

Francesco Scarci

Show Me a Dinosaur - S/t
Cosmic Letdown - In the Caves
Echoes of the Moon - Entropy


Swans - The Burning World
Earth - Pentastar In The Style Of Demons
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Let Love In

Don Anelli

Artillery - Penalty by Perception
Soijl - Endless Elysian Fields
Fireleaf - Behind the Mask

Michele Montanari

Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas - Mariner
Zippo - After Us
Egypt - Endless Flight

Mauro Catena

Iggi Pop – Post Pop depression
Motorpsycho – Here Be Monsters
Brad Mehldau – 10 Years Solo Live