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venerdì 25 aprile 2014

Prostitute Disfigurement - From Crotch to Crown

#FOR FANS OF: Brutal/Techno Death, Cannibal Corpse, Severe Torture, Suffocation 
Honing in on album number five after a lengthy absence, these maniacal Dutchmen offer forth one of their most impressive and imposing albums yet. Having since injected a rather rousing technicality into their old-school formula of utterly brutal and horrifying riffs, together these two elements are like magic in creating one of the most imposing and listenable albums in the genre that really serves as a welcoming template for the carnage to unfold throughout here. The riffs are the old-school Cannibal Corpse style of thrashing, high-speed and intense notes delivered with precision at those high-speeds with jagged leads, crushing rhythms and a dash of unrelenting brutality, moreso than the Floridians ever displayed which speaks to their own past when they were one of the most brutal Death Metal outfits on the scene for that very reason. Like modern Cannibal Corpse, they employ a searing series of riff dynamics which incorporate varied tempos, outstanding soloing and a jaw-dropping amount of energy in keeping this material flying throughout the varying moods and feels throughout. As well, with a more pronounced series of technically-proficient riffs being introduced last time around, there’s a jagged ambience to their attack that serves the brutality as well which makes those stick out far more than their past series of albums ever could when it just focused on the brutality straightforwardly, and when all this accomplished riff-work is melded together with battering-ram style drumming displaying a pronounced knack for brutal rhythms, scorching patterns and unrelenting speed doling out sick fills and rolling double-bass lines along with thick, blood-drenched bass-lines and furious, deep vocals together, the result is a marvelous masterpiece of perversity that incorporates their penchant for dark auras and blinding technicality within their speed-drenched and technical tracks. Tracks like intro "Only Taste for Decay," "Battered to the Grave," "Crowned in Entrails," "Under the Patio" and the title track offer up a strong set of brutally-proficient and technically-complex riffs in raging tempos with non-stop energy throughout, offering rather strong tracks that all serve as the album’s highlights, "Patio" in particular for its dazzling use of traditionally-minded soloing that comes off far more dynamic and expressive than the other, denser tracks. Even stuff like "Set Forth to Annihilate" and "Reduced to Stumps" provide some rather frenetic moments as they set forth raging through their paces. For some diversity, "Dismember the Transgender" offers a more mid-paced selection that plods along nicely with a nice progression of solos that build in intensity and brutality from its more modest beginnings, while "Glorify Through Cyanide" drops the raging tempo for a destructive mid-tempo blast littered with non-stop explosive blastbeats against more of that traditionally-minded soloing. Overall, it’s not concerned with diversity, only in unleashing major amounts of physical trauma and bludgeoning atmospheres, and right now very few have done that better than this offering. (Don Anelli)

(Willowtip - 2014) 
Score: 85