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domenica 3 luglio 2011

Winter of Life - Mother Madness - English

#FOR FANS OF Death Progressive, Novembre, Oceans of Sadness, Opeth
I must admit I have had great difficulty in reviewing this "Mother Madness" because it is very difficult to find the right words to let you know what it is contained in this little gem produced by the combo originated from Naples. The album opens with the whispers of "Mattutino" song with a strong progressive flavor, which has the quality of immediately putting in evidence the tremendous potential of Elia Daniele on vocals, and generally manages to put on display from the start the excellent quality of the band coming from Campania, the song quickly slips away to make room for "Noumena", which highlights the influence of the sextet and an incredible mix of influences: signs of November in the guitar lines merge into their sound, perhaps because the recording was done at "The Outer Sound Studios "of Giuseppe Orlando; as regards the use of vocals however, I was reminded of the recently broken up Oceans of Sadness. The title track enters in an explosive way into the coffers of my stereo, and then give way to delicate touches of piano and a soothing and melodic rhythm, but very clearly never pander, and then the wonderful voice of Elia, able to use his extensive vocal range, to be in his own way, the best instrument of the Winter of Life: poignant, reflective, aggressive when needed, in short, comprehensive and excellent. And the music? A progressive metal marked by some extreme outburst, but also capable of digressions into jazz territory like on the title track (experiment already done, however, by the aforementioned Belgian Oceans of Sadness). But not only because "witHer" opens with a slap bass, taken on loan from almost any band with the funky vocalist that for a moment seems to make the rapper; but the music does not take long to take off again in a crescendo of emotions, this time thanks to the chasing scintillating guitars, immersed in the warmth of soft environments and also by the guest vocals of Tiziana Palmieri. This album won me over and every time I listen to it (maybe I'll be at the 50th time and I am still not tired), I find intriguing new details that lead me to listen once again. The quality of the Winter of Life lays in suggesting music that in the course of the tracks (all of them of considerable length), is constantly changing tune, alternating trips to neighboring death territories with beautiful riding rhyths, and in times when maybe the resurfaces the strong influence of the Novembre or other act of the progressive scene like Pain of Salvation. The result is a succession of great songs that will soon to creep into your head and make you wince, make you fully enjoy the great ideas that populate the mind of these six boys. What a pleasure listening to this "Mother Madness," what a pity I did only recently. Go on like this, I am waiting now for another confirmation; highly recommended! (Francesco Scarci - Translation by Sofia Lazani)

(Casket Music)
Rate: 85