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sabato 9 luglio 2011

Shadowdances - Misery Loves My Company - English

#FOR FANS OF: Gothic, Prog, Dark, Autumnblaze, Riverside
How I love the bands coming from the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), I do not know by what mysterious reason, but their music has always something magical in their notes. The Lithuanians Shadowdances that I am here today to review, are no less than that, with their self-produced work of more than 13 pieces. The music of Joudas (singer and drummer) and his companions, is a mix of dark gothic of fine atmosphere and deep emotions. It is a pity that few people have noticed about this band, that I want to say that it exists since 1994. The Baltic quintet's music can be described by the soft and orange colors of autumn, his mellifluous atmosphere contrasted with those of pacing rocking guitar lines. I like it, I really like the proposal of the Lithuanian combo, because it produces intimate suggestions during its hearing, perhaps because I love to immerse myself in the melancholy music flows and let the power of music to disturb my conscience. And for those who like me who love to indulge in this kind of sound, you will certainly remain a victim of the fascinating sound of the Shadowdances. "The Crawl", "The Girl" and the subsequent “Autumn Haze” are three splendid tracks that recall the early days of the Austrian Autumnblaze, but by adding a touch of poetry, which I repeat only the bands from those places, are able to confer to the music. Elegant, refined music, created and played by excellent musicians: "Misery Loves My Company" is an intense journey into the depths of the human soul, full of despair, anguish and fear. The central part of the CD is even more poignant, with the strong melancholic vocal lines of Judas to dominate the scene and dark environments to make their music sound like rain clouds ready to pour down heavy and endless rain. Desolate, nostalgic and restless, the Shadowdances could represent the perfect combination of Anathema of "Eternity" and the beginning of Riverside. What can I say more for this wonderful album? We only hope that luck will help the brave and here there is a lot of audacity ... (Francesco Scarci - Translation by Sofia Lazani)

Rate: 75