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domenica 15 novembre 2020

Benediction - Scriptures

#FOR FANS OF: Death Metal
This is a bit milder than 'Killing Music', their last release, but the riffs seem to be better. I think it's fair to say I've listened to the album enough to the point to where I can write a comprehensive review. I'd say that everything about this album is good. It's not overtly brutal, though the riffs are fresh. And it should not have taken 12 years before releasing anything that could've been released. However, 45+ minutes of music to making good death metal. Being a Birmingham based band, these guys have been around for a WHILE. It was actually Barney from Napalm Death's first band. Though I believe that they were a lot different back then.

I feel that 'Killing Music' and 'Scriptures' are going to be the only Benediction that I'm going to own. Not much of a fan of the older material, though I fully respect the band. The music on here is slow, but the riffs are totally fresh. And the vocals kick ass, they seep in deep into the music. I cannot say that there's a song on here that I dislike because I do like them all. I'm not too familiar with the band themselves because I only own two of their releases. But this one I feel is stronger than 'Killing Music' riff wise and also the production. They really seemed to piece everything together in tandem with the music and voice.

Production quality is top notch and I believe that's a little where 'Killing Music' wasn't as good in. But here we have strong members contributing to the music and voice. They really can belt out some great material. As a friend says: "SMOKES!!!", in response to the whole release. I'd second that. Everything seemed to be right in its place in terms of recording quality and music that's better than average. It's actually an "A" to me. The tempos aren't very fast, but hey! They did a great job with the riffs. Only a few solos, but not too bad. I feel that they ripped in every aspect. And it keeps the listener in key listening to it intensively.

I wanted to hear with this sounded like prior to buying the album and thought that it was good enough to buy the CD. But I collect CD's so that's what resonates with me. Most people nowadays just want what's on Spotify or YouTube. Yeah, you can listen to it on those fronts but I like the physical copies on my CD player. But yeah, they're really high up on here. Everything seems to fit into place all everywhere. Vocals, music, production, mixing and vibe. It totally slays. I would have to say that despite the wait for it, it was worth it. I'm looking to more releases like this from the band till they retire. Get it! (Death8699)

(Nuclear Blast - 2020)
Score: 90