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lunedì 9 novembre 2020

Mammoth Grinder - Cosmic Crypt

#FOR FANS OF: Death Old School, Dismember
This album has an odd twist to it some strange genres mixed into one. But I thought it to be a solid release. I may be interested in their earlier material. I think that their "style" is pretty unique. Strange sort of atmospheric sound to the songs. But the music is wholly original and worthwhile, hence the "B-" rating. I think that they made something happen here as guttural but unique release! The leads aren't the greatest, I tended to favor the music over everything. The vocals are hoarse and they fit the music well. I liked the album pretty well. There weren't many songs that I disliked.

The riffs were unique and heavy. The whole aura of the album was eerie. I like it. The production quality could've been better but it is what it is. No one knows what happened to this band. It's a shame because they really had a lot to offer musically. The songs on here were pretty much like Dismember's 'self-titled' album. The main riffs that is. But they mold it into their own. I really like this band. Wish that they wouldn't have disappeared. There's so much that they have to offer. And the fact that their music is pretty original and noteworthy. I like how they put their songs together.

The production quality is the only thing that I took points off of as well as the leads. But the rhythm guitar is pretty well played out and heavy. I thought that from start to finish 'Cosmic Crypt' hit home with me! They really do a good job at orchestrating sounds. And the fact that they are their own unique style. I thought that there was nothing really that they needed to change on here. Just take out the leads pretty much because they were loud and screechy. Other than that, a great release! I think that unless they make a comeback, they'll leave it to this one as being their outro release.

You might be able to find this one on YouTube or Spotify. I'm sure that's possible. I bought the CD. But that's because I'm a CD collector. And it was worth it. I didn't think much of the album when I first heard it till I played it a few more times. The music is great on here. Just HEAVY and brutal. They put everything together very well. The vocals never changed throughout the release and the musical tempos were similar on each song. But they're very likeable, weird but OK. I showed the band support by buying their CD. I didn't know what to expect but it turned out to be good! Check them out! (Death8699)