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giovedì 4 aprile 2019

Ringarë - Under Pale Moon

#FOR FANS OF: Symph Black, Emperor, Limbonic Art
'Under Pale Moon' is the debut album by the new project Ringarë. Have I said new? Well, in fact it’s not by any means a new project. Ringarë is created as a continuation of the long time inactive band Ringar, which was founded in 2004 by Esoterica and Anomalous in Nashville, USA. The duo recorded tons of material for the first effort, which was never released. Some of those compositions were used for Chaos Moon, a side project of Esoterica, while many other creations where laid in rest in shadows. Fortunately, the obscure creature that Ringar was, evolved and resurrected under a new moniker, Ringarë, now with a new member known as Likpredikaren, who takes the duties of the vocals. The reinvigorated duo took those old creations and some new ones and started to record the never born debut album. After months of work and courtesy of the underground label Iron Bonehead Records, 2019 is the year when we can finally taste what the musical vision of those members have to offer. But don´t be fooled by the calendar, once you start listening to 'Under Pale Moon' you begin a time travel back to the '90s.

'Under Pale Moon' could have easily been released alongside classic works like Emperor´s debut, Dimmu Borgir´s 'Stormblast' or Limbonic Art´s imperial debut 'Moon in the Scorpio'. As you can imagine, based on the aforementioned influences, Ringarë’s core sound is a undoubtedly synth-drenched black metal with the distinctive raw production of those old creations. But this first opus has perhaps a more drowning and underground sound, which perfectly fits the monumental and long four creations which conform this impressive debut. The keys are perfectly audible, but they have the necessary subtle nuance not to be overpresented while they are accompanied by the guitars, screams and drums. Anyway, there are moments where the synths have their own moment to shine between the vast darkness, like it happens in several moments of the album. Just listen to the immersive experience that the closing track “Through Forest and Fog” is, where those keys transport you to an ancient castle in a distant realm. This truly hypnotizing and spectral section is also accompanied by some fuzzy guitars, which add a tasteful touch of rawness but without destroying the ethereal and mystic experience. Ringarë surely knows how to mix ferocious sections where the guitars play a major role, while Likpredikaren’s classic yet excellently executed shrieks give us goosebumps, and calmer parts, where the mighty keys have always a distinguishable and excellent melody, which make those memorable tracks even better. All the compositions flow between these aforementioned different sides of Ringarë’s sound with a tasteful naturalness. This aspect makes clear that both members have a remarkable talent to create very well composed songs, which is obviously essential to create a ripping work.

The most obvious conclusion with Ringarë´s debut 'Under Pale Moon' is that the wait was worth of it. This is an excellent debut with purely dark yet truly beautiful and majestic compositions, where the keys play an essential role. Anyway, the compositions themselves are excellent with the classic raw and hypnotic aura of the '90s, which I always welcome. (Alain González Artola)
(Iron Bonehead Records - 2019)
Score: 88