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sabato 12 novembre 2011

*Shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo - English

#FOR FANS OF: Post Rock, Progressive, Tool, Isis, Mogway
I was waiting for them, I do not hide it. The *Shels are certainly one of the most interesting truths within the worldwide post rock and with this "Plains of the Purple Buffalo," they come brilliantly to finish their second album, after the excellent results of "Sea Of The Dying Dhow" and the fantastic EP "Laurentian's Atoll", not to mention the almost impossible to find "Wings for Their Smiles". Yes, in short, I start not being very impartial, I realize that, but when I hear certain sounds echoing from my stereo, I cannot wait and I feel the obligation to tell to the world that they are missing something beautiful, yes beautiful, very banal word, but here with a certain impact. The new CD of these crazy (Anglo)Californians contains pure poetry in its notes and in the 76 minutes contained in this release, they will catapult you into another planet, a world hidden even in the wonderful cover of the CD, where a herd of purple buffalos, run on a stylized background. Brilliant, I can not find other words to describe the proposal of this U.S.’s band. And the music, you'll wonder, as I continue to write about everything and more, leaving out the most important part of this product, how is it? Vibrant since the initial notes of "Journey to the Plains," which opens the journey in dreams dyed purple, of these kids. And then, a crescendo of emotions, a progression of sounds that, starting from the tradition of post-rock sacred monsters such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, stretches its proposal through 13 succulent chapters, consecrating the * Shels, between the musical entities of the most remarkable personality and originality. The music, as in other works, has the lion's share, with long, sometimes very long cavalcades, where the psychedelic merges with post-rock ('70s-derived), rarely exploding in a more metal outburst, where even the wildest voice manages to find space. But soon, an ambient interlude or an acoustic piece will enable you to catch your breath, to lay back on your chair and to relax again, with sounds typical of the genre, here constantly of considerable thickness, enough to push me so high with the voting. If your minds are gifted with a musical flexibility, you have to grab this rare pearl, which might otherwise be confused in the chaos of useless record releases that are destroying the planet. Give up buying a disc of thrash or death for one month and for once, put yourselves at stake, put your musical tastes at stake, your beliefs and surrender to the overpowering collective creativity of this remarkable artists, you will not be disappointed those of you who listen to black metal, progressive, thrash, or gothic. The content of «Plains of the Purple Buffalo» is something that goes beyond the normal conception of music, and only the great artists are able to conceive. Wanting to make a comparison with the previous proposal of the combo, their sound, retains its fundamental strength, however, abandoning the unnecessary escapes in metalcore. Here you will only find crystalline class, an industrial quantity of instrumental parts, where the voice is left in the single instruments (and for someone like me who do not particularly like the lack of voice, I guarantee you that it was a big surprise), splendid vocal performances. Difficult to describe a song rather than another, I would like to tell you that I like them all, from the mad title track (part 2) to the melancholic "Vision Quest", the work presents super attention to detail, in the arrangements, in the technical expertise, in taste for the melodies, in the dreamy parts and in the more dark and angry parts. *Shels, the breath of fresh air that I was waiting, a shock to the metal world trapped in quicksand, a push to all the useless trends of the moment, an incredible journey into unexplored yet territory in rock music. Unique and inimitable! (Francesco Scarci - Translation by Sofia Lazani)

(Shels Music)
Rate: 90