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domenica 6 novembre 2011

On a Bridge of Dust - Facing The Opposite - English

#FOR FANS OF: Alternative, Post Rock, Rock, Progressive
Reviewing an Italian band always puts me in a good mood and if the work is also well made, the day can only be positive. Our quartet from Verona comes up with this "Facing the Opposite" going to write an interesting chapter with regard to the alternative rock / progressive metal of our home. Of course, along the nine tracks you can hear the strong "Tooliane", influences but the well chosen melodic passages and a manual technique, makes you to appreciate this excellent album. The recording quality pre-and post-production are on a professional level, the same applies to the arrangements that will never be unpredictable and genius, but give continuity to the composition. The CD opens with the "Recurring Fault" which after a short guitar riff as an intro, immediately follows a combining powerful bass line and strong drums that sound good together in unison. "Reckoning" has an epic beginning, focused on the drums and guitars more open and stretched, but the riffs that distinguish the Bridge arrive at once, weaving a tight mesh that captures the mind and brings you to swing your head to the rhythm. Really beautiful, and personally I consider this the main title of the album. I had already appreciated "Barren Moor" in the previous EP, but even more in this new recording the melancholy of the track is alive until the end. Perhaps this is the most instrumental piece of the entire album. The album closes with "Outcast", which has one of the few main clean riffs in this release, which creates a psychedelic post-rock atmosphere, like Explosions in the Sky. But the trademark of the following closely riffs arrive as usual and bass / drums as a worthy accompaniment to the whole, even if they could easily steal the stage for how well they are designed. As mentioned, the recording quality is excellent, but particularly on the guitars a meticulous work was made. I can imagine the hours spent in finding the right settings but it was worth it, hearing the distortion so realistic and warm is a pleasure to my ears, clogged by so many cold and sterile sounds these days. Of course, bass, drums and vocals were not neglected; remain in the middle (high). If I may make a note to the Bridge, is about the voice. Certainly the singer is not that gifted to make you tear your hair out, but perhaps by knowing his limits, makes a careful use of his voice, without exaggerating, and blends perfectly with the idea of ​​all the pieces. If the choice to play guitar and sing at the same time was made in order not to introduce another element to the formation, I totally agree (and understand) the choise of Bridge. It is difficult to create a harmony so perfect and to be able to maintain it. Well done, congratulations On the Bridge of Dust who are well appreciated in live also, while maintaining always a humble and friendly attitude. I would need more bands like this… (Michele Montanari - Translation by Sofia Lazani)

Rate: 80