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domenica 19 luglio 2020

Sombre Héritage - Alpha Ursae Minoris

#FOR FANS OF: Black Metal
Once again, we are returning to the astonishingly prolific metal scene of the Canadian province of Quebec. This time with a quite novel trio called Sombre Héritage, a project which was born only one year ago by Exu, the founder member, with the collaboration of Silencer and Molag-Veen. All of them have previous experience in other bands of the local extreme metal scene, which seems to have been quite helpful as they have managed to compose and record a full-length album in less than a year. Quite impressive.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Alpha Ursae Minoris’, which is the title of the debut effort of Sombre Héritage, is firmly rooted in the black metal genre. It seems that Quebec has very strong ties with this genre, as a great amount of bands find their way to express their inspiration in this genre. Contrary to another recent projects like Serment, for example, this album is clearly focused on the guitars, though it does not lack completely the trademark atmosphere of the bands who belong to this scene. Anyway, ‘Alpha Ursae Minoris’ offers us six songs in its almost 37 minutes of length, where the guitars reign indisputably. The album has a pretty solid production, which remarks the aggressiveness of the compositions, where fortunately there is plenty of room to introduce variations in the pace and degree of fierceness. The album oscillates between songs with a clearly faster pace and other compositions, where there is more space for mid-tempo sections. For example, the first track "Polaris" could be included in the second group, as it serves as an introduction of the album. The composition has a growing intensity and it is never remarkably fast. Instead of this,the song has a quite addictive pace, which makes us headbang a little bit in its second half. On the other hand, the following song "Sombe Héritage", is a firm declaration of how fast this band can play, with certainly speedy and aggressive sections. Nevertheless, this song, as it happens also in the rest of the album, has the ability of fluctuating between the fast parts and certain specific calmers sections, which are tastefully included where the song requires it. Although the album is not particularly rich in the arrangements, as the song´s structures are practically restricted to the classic shrieks-guitar riffs-rhythmic section structure, the band tries to add some variety in the vocals. For example, in some songs like "Sombre Héritage" and "Déchéance", Sombre Héritage introduces some clean vocals in the form of echoing and mysterious voices, which give an atmospheric touch to the songs. I find especially interesting when the band combines these sorts of vocals with more somber riffs, being able to create especially dark and evocative parts. These incorporations enrich the songs and consequently the album itself.

All in all, ‘Alpha Ursae Minoris‘is a quite competent debut by Sombre Héritage. The band has managed to create a debut album with six very good tracks, where the balance between straightforward aggressiveness, powerful riffs and variety, is achieved in a very inspired way. This debut album will appeal every fan of the black metal genre and it should be the starting point of a very interesting career. (Alain González Artola)

(Sepulchral Productions - 2020)
Score: 76