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giovedì 5 dicembre 2013

Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry of Consciousness

#FOR FANS OF: Death/Thrash
Over the last decade we have seen a resurgence of old school thrash. With numerous bands trying to capture the sound of 80's metal. The likes of Municipal Waste, Havok, and Skeletonwitch have cemented themselves firmly in the retro thrash movement. However, of the many bands within the trash revival scene, none have gained more recognition than Portland, Oregon's Toxic Holocaust. 'Chemistry of Consciousness' the fifth full length from these thrashers is no more inspired, creative or enjoyable than the previous four. It is, however, just as boring as all its predecessors. I am amazed at the popularity and enthusiasm that Toxic Holocaust has managed to gain. There is nothing here that remotely interests me. As I listen through the twenty-nine minutes of speed induced thrash with a blacked vocal style, by minute ten I am just waiting for it to be over. I must push on though, to see if there is even one stand out track on this album that I can talk about. Alas, it's not there and I am left feeling unimpressed and unfulfilled. To mention one track on the album, the best song on 'Chemistry of Consciousness' is the opening track "Awaken the Serpent", because at 1:39 it's the shortest. I have not found much interest at all in this retro thrash movement, and aside from sci-fi progressive thrashers Vektor, I can't name one band worth my time. Even with that being said the most popular of these acts is also my least favorite. After five full length albums (five to many, I might add) I believe it's time for Toxic Holocaust to throw in the towel. The only positive that I can present to you here, is that I respect the energy and enthusiasm that Joel Grind has put into this project and the production is pretty good too. But all the energy and production in the world can't make up for poorly crafted songs. Unless you are a true revivalist, I recommend keeping your wallet in your pocket and moving on. (Brian Grebenz)

(Relapse Records - 2013)
Score: 40