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lunedì 5 settembre 2011

Aneurysm - Archaic Life Form - English

FOR FANS OF: Cyber Thrash, Fear Factory
"Sink or swim" must have thought the Aneurysm, one of the most underrated and unfortunate band in the history of our local metal, after having wrapped this new third work of theirs, where they have combined it this time really big. No, do not be afraid; do not take the negative connotation that usually this statement may have, but instead take it as very positive."Archaic Life Form" represents in fact a great leap forward compared to the previous "Shades", which was not actually a bad album, but that still showed some gaps in the composing key by the Venetian combo. With this new release instead, by the Kreative Klan Records, the quintet from Verona displays a brilliant effort, developing their music on a concept album set in a futuristic world where humans became extinct and the machines have populated the planet, cloning men to study their origins, but when the weakness of the feelings is discovered, the project is aborted. Of course I have summarized the content drastically, but I can assure you that the texts are revealed very interesting, as well as the musical proposal of the rest. Their sound rests upon a constant techno thrash basis until the initial "The Clear Obscure," which opens with a flattening rhythm, only to be interrupted by Gianmaria Carneri’s vocals. The production is surely bombastic, which is absolutely necessary to make it more enjoyable to listen to samples of various inputs, capable of making the final result very attractive and varied. The song results therefore as a mixture of aggression, strong doses of melody, a high technical level and a lot of cyber metal contrasts. If I were to make a comparison, I would say that Nevermore meets Anacrusis, playing in the Fear Factory style, not that bad, is it? Let's go further with "The Missing Element", where first of all let’s give an applause for the voice of Gianmaria, improved enormously in respect with the past, with a personal voice timbre, while the music is a stream of vibrant emotions characterized by the constant duality between power and melody . "Agent One" shows them play in a more cyber / industrial key with a number of confounding factors in the background really capable of transporting our mind in this imaginary world of the future, while the rhythm section beats like a maniac and axes unsheathe ruthless killer riffs. Intriguing, aggressive and creative, I like a lot this new appearance of the Aneurysm and the subsequent "Last Farewell" (which appear among other reminiscences of school Meshuggah) and "Angel" (a very melancholic song, opening with nostalgic touches of piano and Gianmaria's voice can only reminds us of the good Serj Tankian) continue to amaze me for their sophisticated and intelligent personality. The sound of a siren announces "Anomaly" and here the echoes of music take us back initially to The Kovenant , but then the band retakes their personal path stuffing the song with "anomalies", ie the effect of the disc jumping like it was filthy, enough to make me double-check if the dust has settled on the polished surface of the CD, but it is only a joke played by the ensemble to force my mind to repeat all these strange loops. Next in turn is the "Postulates" a song that travels in between thrashcore reminiscences and the cybernetic sound that characterizes Aneurysm of 2011.Closing the CD are the "The Great System" and "Progeneration / Deactivation", which ratify the incredible level of technical and compositional maturity reached in this new release. Not embracing this work would be a heinous crime, so go ahead and make it your own. The surprise of 2011? I hope so, in the meantime, good luck! (Francesco Scarci - Translation by Sofia Lazani)

(Kreative Klan Records)
Rate: 85