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lunedì 5 settembre 2011

Amia Venera Landscape - The Long Procession - English

#FOR FANS OF: Math, Post-Hardcore, Isis, Neurosis, The Ocean
I thought the fire crackers of the new year’s Eve had reached their peak on the midnight of 1rst January 2011, but instead here I am, with a new CD in my stereo, to let myself be run down by the crackling mixture of post-hardcore, sludge and ambient of the very italian (and I say this with great pride) Amia Venera Landscape, a real lighting bolt in the calm sky of this beginning of this year. After the excellent test of the At the Soundawn, another amazing italian band is getting ready to compete head-high with the masters of the genre, if not to overcome them. I was impressed from the very beggining listening to this " Lunga Processione", primarily, by the very good quality of sounds, powerful, full-bodied, enveloping, that had me immediately conquered. How can I not mention the graphics, quite minimalist, but very intriguing, of the booklet, filled with lyrics and beautiful pictures. And then the music, which is after all the most important thing: I mentioned the fact that they play mostly post-hardcore, but let us not limit ourselves lightly by this label or by the stereotype that the word hardcore can raise, because inside the notes of "The Long Procession" is hidden poetry, anger, fury and unexpected tenderness, intrigue and mystery, all played with extreme passion, intelligence and unpredictability. The Venetian sextet opens the dance with the volcanic "Empire", condensed hardcore fierceness mixed with dark environments. I immediately remain thrilled in front of such great class and already I can not wait to hear the next song. "A New Aurora" is a wonderful song which, besides the ever present component of the brutal and scathing combo of Belluno, arises a breathtaking alternation of rhythms, stop'n go, post-rock atmospheres, with the voices (a growling angry and clean, with vocals of Klimt 1918 style) that cross each other,surround and play in an ascending climax that will reach its perfection at the end of more than 7 minutes of exciting and overwhelming music of this Amia Venera Landscape release, which I have already included among the best albums of 2010. A punch in the face suddenly knocks me down, but in reality it is "My Hands Will Burn First", then peace: I feel dizzy, my ears are buzzing, a hissing roaring penetrates my brain, but it is only the stunning gait of "Ascending", which perhaps has its defect in being a little too verbose. Other moments of sedating peace with"Glances (Part I)" (I would have avoided putting two purely ambient pieces one after the other) and here we have the second part of "Glances" exploding, where they are confirmed as a band of absolute value and technique, exquisite refinement and without doubt of great innovation and experimentation. Incorporated with the speed of light to the dictates of the genre (the band was founded in 2007) from the sacred monsters Cult of Luna, The Ocean and Dillinger Escape Plan, the Amia Venera Landscape has undertaken their own way with their own distinct and strong personality and that now the have released this explosive work. Let us not neglect to comment on the almost 14 minutes of "Marasmus", the most complex, articulated and particular song of these 10, enclosed in this gem. A relaxed beginning, strongly ambient, then thunderous explosion of guitars (there are 3 in formation) followed by fragments of melancholic post-rock, and then suddenly unleashed in my stereo speakers, crazy splinters of math to "disturb" my brain as only Dillinger know how to do. There is no trace of vocals in this schizoid song but it is better like this, you can enjoy it all in one breath and the long duration in minutes disappears in the blink of an eye. Not even a moment to enjoy a little peace and "Nicholas" erupts with its 8 minutes and goes to prove that the band is at ease in dealing with long lasting songs, denoting once again a maturity worthy of veterans. "Infinite Sunset Of The Sleepless Man" gives us time to recharge the batteries before the final "The Traitors' March" that confirms to me that a new Italian reality is ready and able to demolish the world with their sound, this new years. Majestic work! (Francesco Scarci - Translation by Sofia Lazani)

Rate: 90