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martedì 14 giugno 2011

The Project Hate - Bleeding the New Apocalypse - English

#FOR FANS OF: Cyber Death, Industrial, Progressive
The fact that I have been following The Project Hate for a long time now, can be proved by the review of the old "Armageddon March Eternal" on these very own pages. I find myself here again to write about the band of Lord K. Philipson and his members, and I do it again with extreme pleasure, because it has been ten years now that for me, The Project Hate have been synonymous of high quality. And this "Bleeding the New Apocalypse" is nothing but that, but whose output has passed a bit quietly in the media (and perhaps also to the fans), and so from my part I want to give a little emphasis of this new release; I am here to give my support to one of the bands that I admire the most: I sit at my desk, I turn on the PC, insert the CD and I am off to listen the new "Bleeding the New Apocalypse," their eighth album, including the Deadmarch parentheses. Well, there must have been eleven years since the brilliant debut of the Scandinavian act, but the sound is not at all changed since then, and this is not intended as a criticism of the four member band, in fact I would like to reward their coherence and consistency in the passing of the years. The background sound system is still that of the seminal Swedish death (Grave and Dismember), in which gradually elements of any type are insinuated, from industrial cyber death through progressive, making extensive use of electronics and playing, usually, with the duality between the growling vocals of Jorgen Sandstrom and the angelic vocals of the Portuguese Ruby Roque, who replaced alas, the much better Enckell Jo. As always, guests are not lacking, and this time to help The Project Hate, you will find Leif Edling of Candlemass, the omnipresent Mike Wead (which we saw recently in Kamlath), Jock Widfeldt (Vicious Art) and Christian Ivestam (ex -Scar Symmetry). The result of this marriage? Crazy as ever, to the point of certifying the high quality of the Swedish band, beginning with Season of Mist, amongst others. Always characterized by a few and very long tracks, this release is not far from that, with six pieces for a total of 65 minutes of wild, psychotic music, with very complex structures, yet very melodic, thanks to the constant divine use of the keys and persuasive moments when Ruby delights us with her singing, although less convincing than the previous one, Jo. From a technical standpoint, the band confirms itself at high levels, stronger even by the new drummer, the explosive Tobias Gustafsson (Vomitory) and a rhythmical key work and solos which proves sublime. Difficult to indicate a piece rather than another (although I have chosen "War Summoning Majestic" as my favorite song), because all could play the role of the most successful song from The Project Hate. Well I think that you may have guessed by now, I really liked the "Bleeding the New Apocalypse" , for its ability to fuse the wild death rhythms made in Sweden, with sounds alien to the northern extremes of Europe, such as gothic, progressive and electronic perennially with great evidence. The songwriting is excellent, almost as excellent as is the production with all the instruments well balanced with each other and a sound really very full and effective that will push me to elect this work in the bests of 2011. A delightful confirmation, but I had no doubt over that , The Project Hate, as unjustly snubbed by critics and fans, represent for me one of the most interesting and charismatic bands on the international scene. (Francesco Scarci - Translation by Sofia Lazani)

(Season of Mist)
Rate: 85