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sabato 25 giugno 2011

Zifir - Protest Against Humanity - English

#FOR FANS OF: Black mid-tempo, early Nachtmystium, Burzum
Here's an album that you feel compelled to listen in full, a one-way trip to face alone through nine dying stations of pure hypnotic sound. It's not a far-fetched metaphor. The whole work is really designed as a journey through the darkest (and pure) places of the soul. It starts with an instrumental, slow and emotional intro, changed to a permanent abandonment of innocence places to soak slowly into a more hostile, bitter and biting sound. The "mosquito" guitars is the real ruler of this universe of sound. They permeate every tone with the same frequency with which they penetrate into the brain of the listener. They buzzing indiscriminately in slow and fast, violent and melancholy steps, at times recalling the early Nachtmystium, identically doped by this swarming omnipresence. Zifir absorb elements from many black metal bands (I affectionately call this spiritual slow black), able, however, to experiment and create an interesting work, demonstrating skills and professionalism in the composition of the tracks, which, while proposing an hypnotic background, do not show never repetitive. I do believe that it is necessary to have an early knowledge of this type of metal, otherwise it is impossible to fully appreciate it and are payable only a bunch of instruments and suffering voices. The result is something else. These bands create synergy and you can not say, "Hey, listen to this refrain". The refrain is not there, don't exist. Each song must be heard in full in its evolution. Only thus you can understand, for example, because the slower and pseudo instrumental tracks are "Uncertain", "The Poison From My Veins" and "Goat's Throne", respectively the first, fifth and last. "Goat's Throne", in particular, is a summary of the soul of the album. Eight minutes of inhospitality, where browsing gothic keyboards, clean vocals alternated with screaming and laments in Burzum's style. The only flaw, from my little point of view, the title of the album, which fortunately does not have a title track. There can not be a protest against humanity, if this same work start from the denial of what human society entails. Just as every work of art of mankind, whatever is the message intends to convey, would have no reason to exist if that meant not being transmitted. I greatly appreciate the quality of this music, but the too much extremes of lyirics at times seems superficial and stereotypical. This does not mean the quality of an album like "Protest Against Humanity", and that it embodies: a wild, carnal epiphany. All on the rise. (Damiano Benato - Translation by Zifir)

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