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martedì 17 maggio 2011

Folge Dem Wind - Inhale the Sacred Poison - English

#FOR FANS OF Black Avantgarde, Fleurety, Deathspell Omega
I would have to admit now that, France has become a forge for talented black metal bands; there is no use to deny the evidence, but Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Alcest, Pensees Nocturne, Les Discrets (and thousands of others) all come from the country of the much hated cousins and even today I have to surrender before the clear superiority of those Folge Dem Wind and place them among the most talented bands from across the Alps. After having done this large introduction, I can also say that I have been following the quintet coming from the unknown Montgeron, since their debut EP, "Hail the Pagan Age", and since then the band have struck me for their dark and evil sound, which thus emerged more strongly in the first official release, but in my opinion, only with this remarkable "The Sacred Inhale Poison” reaches the peak of genius. And they do so from the beginning with the morbid title track which mounts through black sounds, avant-garde and psychotic influences, throws us into a whirlwind of insane madness with its 7 minutes and continues. With the following "... Of Blood & Ether", their music, while revealing the very dark black roots, leads us to walk through territory which is difficult to be explored by black groups. For sure we're not in front of the schizoid proposal of the Norwegian Fleurety or in front of the disruptive class of the aforementioned Deathspell Omega, but honestly some harmonic choices, some rhythmical dissonances, the constant presence of murky atmosphere (listen to "Grey Behind the Veil") and the search for intimate fragments, they merely confirm their enormous potential. We've already mentioned the third track, but I would to cite to you the wonderful prologue that has certainly little to do with metal music (who mentioned Jazz?) and this is precisely the winning point of Folge Dem Wind: they savagely attack us with their ruthless guitar riffs clearly of Nordic black origin and then in the complicated gait of the song, they know how to drive in the dark mazes of their sick mind, with accomplices also the heartrending vocals of Kilvaras. I want to make a further introduction to you: "The Sacred Inhale Poison" is not a work of immediate assimilation, you will definitely need various diverse hearings to be able to assimilate it, to be able to appreciate it, but when your ears will get used to it, it will be very difficult to do without it, because it has that quid, the characteristic that only big band capable of daring what no one else dares, able to create something lasting and I am convinced that they have these features. Exceptional song "…Of Reptilian Fires", that in itself, contains all the refined elegance of brutality and experimentation, and the ineffable simplicity in handling long pieces with great ease. The release spins with pleasure between dazed guitar lines, inhuman scream, post metal inserts, fragments of crazy jazz, becoming the joy of those who, like me, are in constant and frantic search of sounds beyond the common and those like the ones by Folge Dem Wind, surely contain something magical, esoteric, dreamy and deeply evil. Seducing! (Francesco Scarci – Translation by Sofia Lazani)

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