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domenica 15 settembre 2019

Petricor - First Breath

#FOR FANS OF: Instrumental Post Rock
'First Breath' is the 2019 release from Italian post-rock band Petricor, released on Fluttery Records. The opening track "8" begins with calm progressive synths and twinkling melodic guitars with its enthusiastic melody leading the album with its soft-rock roots. "People" follows transitioning into almost hard-rock with darker melancholy sounds revealing Petricors true intentions by deviating from the generic rock formula. "Naked" returns to the more relaxed sound of the album constantly chasing a climactic melody feeling like a film score for a romantic coming of age independent indie movie. "Last Breath", "Unbroken Horses" and "Saudade" see the album start to become repetitive, stuck in a soft-rock loop with a sound that initially seemed optimistically refreshing but becomes increasingly stale, although "Saudade" does hold some of the charm of the opening tracks. The same can't be said for the closing track, "Super8 (Remix)" which is a welcomed departure from the formulaic structure, almost feeling like Hot Chip, with its electronic emphasis deviating from the conformity of a standard progressive pop-rock sound, feeling more experimental, giving hope for Petricors future. (Stuart Barber)

(Fluttery Records - 2019)
Score: 63