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giovedì 14 marzo 2019

Caustic Vomit - Festering Odes to Deformity

#FOR FANS OF: Death/Doom, Disembowelment
Toning down what has already been a commonly slow pace in much of the early days of death metal, Caustic Vomit finds its sputum splattered all over the scene with an agonizing pace that finds its girth heaved around in short frenzied rushes throughout the three tracks comprising an exhaustive half hour in 'Festering Odes to Deformity'.

As putrid resonance pools around ears, the fumes of doom transfix a listener intoxicated by thunderous tuning that grimly grumbles in the bubbling mire. Then, without warning, the despondent desperation shakes itself out with roiling double bass and clanging cymbals, the grim filthy riff explodes after a shrill moment of feedback, and blasting begins. The song finds its swing in time for shrieking Slayer soloing to begin its rampage and the rancid glory, the fruit of this disgusting labor, is finally savored. Suddenly, we're back in the swamp again. However, the cycle has slightly sped up and “Immured in Devouring Rot” has its microbial movements multiplied, rolling around its raucous rhythm in slightly quicker fashion while still slogging back into its agonizing pace. Issuing forth another shrill riffing rejoinder to the bassy advance leaves the listener knowing that this cycle will continue, a horrific deterioration that exemplifies these 'Festering Odes to Deformity'.

What Caustic Vomit shows is an involvement in accenting its decrepit doom pace with the malodorous machinations of old school death metal crushes that lash out at the mushy meter like an unborn child writhing away at the confines of its amniotic sac. In this vein, “Churning Bowel Tunnels” carves caverns with the meaty relentlessness of Coffins in swings and stomps that made “Slaughter of Gods” crush as well as play with the disjointed filthy sound of chaos in it. The extra torsion of blasting helps to propel this machine's bore deeper into the depravity of these songs of sickness and drowns falling treble tremolos in an acidic soup of digestive putridity. The snare and cymbal combination cracks like an anvil, molding disfigurement from the guitars as they cry to escape the mutant tendrils of this deadly orgiastic ooze, but instead cell division ends up spurred by the secretions of the filth pit, a sludge pregnant with hate and spawning disgust.

Finally, after the infectious scourge erupts from the colonic cavern, comes “Once Coffined Malformities” with the excitement of an undead uprising and the contorted gait best adopted by decomposing hungries. Foreboding harmony flourishes in searing strings as this song illustrates the prowess of its creators in concocting an achingly sadistic structure on which to flay its prisoners. From its uncomfortably slow starts comes a strikingly sweet scent of decay as each song festers and mutates into its most monstrous form. The blasting segments are the energy fed from such morsels of flesh and horrific churns of digestion to become an all-too-graphic examination of the inner working of a death metal mutant, cross sectioned and framed behind plexiglass for the world to see, like the digestion machine offering art and eccentricity in its rawest form to the bewilderment of its unsuspecting audience. (Five_Nails)

(Redefining Darkness Records - 2018)
Score: 82