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domenica 23 febbraio 2014

A second official compilation will be issued by The Pit of the Damned on July 2014 with a massive content of death and black from the best underground bands around the world.

The Pit of the Damned Vol.2 will be available for download on Bandcamp® with a small offer. Support us to continue our work and to review music!

How to submit your song to "The Pit of the Damned Vol.2" (only death and black music genres):
- n. 1 track in mp3 format 320 kbps. The song has to be free from any contract with labels, please send only your own music.
- n. 1 picture in high resolution of your band logo or line-up (no LP/CD/EP cover or similar).
- Biography of your band in English (1500 characters with spaces maximum).

Please submit your material within 31st May 2014 to: thepitofthedamned@gmail.com