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sabato 11 gennaio 2014

Persekutor - Power Frost

#FOR FANS OF: Black Metal, Judas Iscariot, Hecate Enthroned, early Burzum
The official debut release from Romanian Black Metallers Persekutor is a rather blatant exercise in minimalism that tends to be quite enjoyable for its running time but goes through its paces too quickly to really mean anything. Raw, simple and sluggish is the name of the game here as the band produces simple chords and riffs replete with haunting drumming and sluggish vocals in a low-fi environment, rendering the instruments into a buzzing tone more often-than-not, though the droning, repetitive nature of the music doesn’t make this stand-out too much. It’s a simple, stripped-down, 2-song EP that really doesn’t offer much in the way of changes overall as you’re stuck for the duration of the songs running time with whatever they give you, and those looking for wild soloing, excess riff-work or dazzling displays of technicality within aren’t going to find much of anything here with both songs right around the three minute mark each. The efforts’ title track may offer up a colder, more sonically enclosed vibe with a lot more emphasis on the atmospheric images within the riffs as the glacial pace moves along throughout, but the gem is "The Twitching Hour," offering up a little more speed, a far more interesting central riff and offers some semblance of hope that the band may have something to work with in the future even within the confines of this melodic, atmosphere-heavy form of black metal. There’s still a ways to go but they’re getting there. (Don Anelli)

(Magic Bullet Records - 2013)
Score: 50