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giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

Deprecated - Deriding His Creation


#FOR FANS OF: Brutal Death Metal, Suffocation, Broken Hope
One of the most legendary and important releases in the history of brutal death metal, this four-song EP is still held in high regard by the majority of old-school metallers from the scene’s birth. The most glaring option about this album is that it’s far more technical than expected, as there’s a slew of complex rhythms and patterns at play within this, not just from the blazingly-fast guitars but the bass as well which has a few dynamic areas within the music to showcase it’s chops effectively. Of course, the drumming is the real key here as there’s just absolute devastation left after this one gets going, filled not just with complex patterns and blastbeats but also managing to roll throughout the different tracks with a reckless disregard for the number of hits being played on the kit, giving the music an extra intensity and speed that doesn’t come naturally in the genre. Top it off with the ever-familiar gorilla-grunting and pig-squeal vocals that permeate the genre and this is a rather impressive outing in the genre. The opening title track absolutely slays with dynamic waves of technical drumming, tight riff-work and a dedication to pummel all who stand in the way that there’s no let-up at all in the pace or tempo here as it just flat-out rips with ruthless aggression throughout. Follow-up "Mentally Deprived" is just as good with even more dynamic technicality displayed with some absolutely ferocious break-downs as the tight, swirling guitars buzzing in complex variations throughout with absolutely pummeling drum-work. "Realization of Betrayal" and "Induced Deception" really flow together in much the same way, dazzling technicality for the genre matched with devastating drumming, tight patterns and vicious rhythms that don’t really match the speed or urgency of their counterparts on the first half of the disc, but the brutality within still holds up to this day and they remain one of the more important acts in the genre as this one release attests to. (Don Anelli)

(Unique Leader Records - 2013)
Score: 75