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venerdì 27 luglio 2018

Majesty of Silence - Zu Dunkel Für Das Licht

#FOR FANS OF: Black/Gothic
Majesty of Silence is back with a brand new album entitled 'Zu Dunkel Für Das Licht'. The band is by no means a rookie as it was founded 22 years ago in Aarau, Switzerland. During the early years, they released three albums at a reasonable rate, but afterwards the band remained inactive during a long time. And, when many years pass, it is taken for granted that there won´t be any comeback, fortunately it wasn´t the case and Majesty of Silence was re-activated in 2016. It seems that the band was reinvigorated because it hasn´t taken too much time for the current two members to release a new album. It has to be mentioned that the band´s first line-up consisted of three members. Around 2005, an additional member joined the band, but nowadays Majesty of Silence continues as a duo with two of the founders, Peter Mahler and Christian Geissmann. 
Musically speaking, Majesty of Silence plays an interesting blend of black metal and gothic metal where the classic raspy vocals are dominant and the tempo is clearly faster and much more aggressive than we usually see with classic gothic metal bands. As it can be expected, the band adds some interesting keys which also have a mixed influence, at times they sound more black metal-esque and in other cases, they have a pure gothic metal touch. From time to time some female vocals appear, and they are a good contrast to the heavier and darker side of this band. During the first years the band used to sing in English but it was a matter of time that the band introduced the German language in their lyrics, which, in my opinion, makes the band sound even darker. German is indeed a powerful language and it sounds great when an extreme band uses it. 
'Zu Dunkel Für Das Licht' is, like its predecessors, a quite long album, as it has 14 songs and it lasts more than 70 minutes. Personally, I don´t like such long albums because they can become quite boring. Moreover, it is indeed difficult to keep a great quality when the release is so long. Fortunately, it seems that these guys have worked hard on this album and it’s clear that the band has tried to compose a varied yet powerful album. The balance between the black metal and gothic influences is a trademark characteristic of the new album. As for the production, the album has a powerful sound and both guitars and drums sound strong and convincing. Songs like the album opener “Der Untergang” or “Endstille” have very fast sections, tough like it happens with the rest of the album the pace is quite varied. Other tracks like “Dem Engel Noch Zuhören” have a greater gothic touch with very nice keys, which are simple but catchy and give a great atmospheric touch to this and other similar songs. I personally love how this track ends with that hypnotic key and a beautiful female voice in the background. The atmospheric intros are another winning formula used in several songs, those dark and calm intros are suddendly broken by the guitars and drums which enter furiously, Majesty of Silence surely knows how to make great debut for the songs, and “Zweiundzwanzig” is a good example of this use and one of the heaviest songs of the album. The female vocals are another satisfying addition that transpires in several tracks like the aforementioned one and “Sonne”, for example. 
In conclusion, Majesty of Silence has made a great comeback with an undoubtedly powerful and dynamic album. 'Zu Dunkel Für Das Licht' is a long work that brings us all the ingredients you can expect from a black-gothic metal band. Furious vocals occasionally accompanied by female vocals, powerful and dynamic guitars, catchy and enthralling keys and powerful drums. This album may be too dark for the light but not for our ears. Come to the Swiss darkness and enjoy! (Alain González Artola)

(Rockshots Records - 2018)
Score: 85