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mercoledì 24 maggio 2017

Nephilim's Howl - Through the Marrow of Human Suffering

#FOR FANS OF: Black Doom, Gorgoroth
In a very professional sounding debut, Finland's Nephilim's Howl lulls you with the sanctuary of its doom metal segments early on just to shatter them with some cataclysmic black metal drenched in Gorgoroth's glaze. 'Through the Marrow of Human Suffering' captures the black metal stalwarts' iconic atmosphere to a tee and refuses to relinquish it as the band revels in the apocalyptic wake.

Gorgoroth worship is most apparent in the rhythm and quivering guitar riffs that resolve themselves in shattering shambling tones throughout “Of Ordeals and Triumph”. Stripping down the driving four thump of “Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt”, the overtones relish their evil aesthetic while clouds of corrupted blues beat bars of agony like nails into your brain. As though reading proclamations of evil from the book of the Antichrist, the vocals are delivered in the expressively authoritative stanzas that Pest offered but with a more open throat that leaves me thinking of Gaahl. The ten minute “Hate Revelations” is the first instance of the driving pace finally escaping doom and reaching its apogee as signature black metal blasts sear the guitars into your memory. The unrestrained explosion immediately quells any sinking feeling that there won't be any barrage to batter you down like Gorgoroth so acutely satisfies its audience with. The audacity of going nearly twenty minutes without such a payoff is enough to mismark this band as a group of pretenders. Yet when Nephilim's Howl finally delivers the impending cataclysmic crush that has been building for what feels a century of torturously slow torment, the terse torrent finally rains the blood necessary to fuel such a thirsty metal machine.

'Through the Marrow of Human Suffering' is an interesting album that seems like it would not work on paper. The deceptively slow and entrancing doom elements ensure the raw black metal aesthetic hypnotizes you and drags you deep into a frigid dungeon in order to begin the slaughter. Like an angler fish's lure in the abyss, you will not notice that the teeth are closing in until it's too late. (Five_Nails)