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sabato 29 luglio 2017

Kyle Morrison - Pianometal

#FOR FANS OF: Instrumental Progressive Metal; Mindflowers, OSV
Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, multi-talented instrumentalist Kyle Morrison has assembled quite a profound and dynamic debut full-length effort taking influence from a variety of disparate elements that takes part in a unique and stylish offering. The skill-set is obvious from the very beginning with a rapid-fire slew of twisting, challenging progressive rhythms that bring about plenty of engaging work. Littered with tight groove-based rhythms, rattling drumming and sparkling piano-focused melodies that add a great touch to the blasting rhythms, keeping a stellar base for the album to work around throughout here. The multitude of guests here makes for a strong collection of talent as well, giving stellar performances to a great mixture of progressive touches and stiff grooves. 'Centrifuge,' 'Hymn of Blasphemy' and 'Mammoth' exemplify this style the most, while the three-part Cosmos trilogy, 'Martian Dusk,' 'Orion's Curse' and 'Interstellar Survival' all give a different look to the material at hand with stand-out progressive leanings and complex riff-work alongside the marvelous piano melodies that take center-stage for those tracks. There are maybe a few too many bonus tracks here which does make for a slightly overlong feeling here, but this is still a great overall release in this style. (Don Anelli)