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lunedì 6 marzo 2017

Birnam Wood - Warlord

#FOR FANS OF: Stoner Rock/Metal, Kyuss, Fu Manchu
Fresh off their last release, Massachusetts stoners Birnam Wood have continued to spread their massive, comprehensive sound that adds to their medieval-based imagery that was a part of their works up through their present offering. For the most part, that means this is kept to a relatively simple formula of heavy droning riff-work and plenty of swirling reverb-laden rhythms, all done with solid melodic croons over the simple paces which features the fuzz-riddled production so familiar in the genre for nearly every track here. Given that there’s very little leeway within the tracks as the only difference between everything is either a mid-tempo charge like the title track or slow, sprawling epics such as ‘Wizards Bleed’ or ‘Two Ravens,’ so it tends to give off its hand quite easily in terms of stylistic approaches. While this style would surely have rated a little higher on a full-length with more opportunities to impress, the fact that it's so short and is only these four tracks does lower it slightly. (Don Anelli)